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P001A Unisex Lifestyle Plus Black

P001A Unisex Lifestyle Plus Black

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A versatile, multi purpose sock designed for superior comfort and protection. Perfect for day to day casual wear, yet equally at home in the outdoors during activity. Lifesocks™ represents a whole new level of quality and comfort. Developed through years of research into podiatry health and made to the highest standard using natural and technically advanced fibres. Ideal for flying, sports, people with diabetes and/or arch pain or for general well being.

  1. High stretch cuff for minimal compression
  2. Flex panel for ergonomic shaping
  3. Dorsalis Pedis pulse point device
  4. Y heel for improved fit
  5. Mesh for moisture and temperature control
  6. Individual shaping for left and right feet
  7. Unique Paladin™ double density cushion padding for added protection
  8. Seamless toe closure for ridge free comfort

Made in New Zealand.


M/L (Mens US 6-10 / Womens US 9+)

L/XL (Men's US 11-13)

Composition: 56% Merino Wool, 21% Nylon, 23% Elastane

P001 Lifestyle Plus by NZ Sock Company.

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