4 Reasons to Invest in Quality Footwear

4 Reasons to Invest in Quality Footwear

Most people can admit to having a small obsession with shoes. Okay maybe a big obsession. Some ladies have even become famous for their shoe collection. Does Imelda ring a bell? We certainly make our feet work hard each day and should be thankful for all the places our feet have taken us. So it would make sense to invest in quality shoes, right?

Every day in store we see the results of people that haven’t prioritised their feet and struggle to find a style to suit their needs. We love being able to help you find a shoe that not only fits your foot but is so comfortable you won’t want them off your feet.

Here are the 4 reasons we believe you should invest in quality footwear:

  1. Quality Materials
    • There is no comparison to a good quality shoe. When you invest in quality shoes we guarantee that the materials used are built to last. The leather is softer and fits like a glove on your foot. It is also a natural material which allows your foot to breathe. With some TLC and the use of proper care products the leather will last so much longer.
  2. Comfort with uncompromised style
    • You too can “walk on a cloud” with the right pair of shoes. Luckily you don’t have to compromise style for comfort as good quality shoes are made with comfort in mind. They choose to use soft and cushioned materials that will be durable and allow you to have all day comfort.
  3. Personalized fit
    • We see a lot of foot issues like bunions, hammer toes and other foot pains that are usually associated with poor quality shoes. It is so important to get a shoe that fits your foot needs. We pride ourselves on helping fit people with the perfect shoe that sits softly over their bunion or caters for an orthotic. When you invest in a quality shoe you shouldn’t have any further issues associated with foot pain.
  4. Locally owned
    • When you are investing in quality footwear most of the boutiques you will purchase from are more than likely an independent locally owned business. By supporting these businesses you are also helping to support the local community as well as getting the personal touch that locally owned businesses offer.

So the next time you’re tempted to skimp on your shoe spend, just think how much your feet will thank you when you’re in the second season of wearing your favourite Italian leather boots.

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