Party Season Essentials

With the social season in full swing, we have put together some little tips and tricks to keep you having fun at your next event.

Heel Grips - $6

Are you finding your shoe is slipping or causing some painful rubbing? These suede heel grips are a great option to prevent slipping and friction. They are also padded for extra comfort. Simply fit them inside the heel of your shoe with the adhesive backing.

Sole Grips - $7

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes that you are too afraid to wear because you might slip? These sole grips are an anti-slip adhesive sole that effectively grips the walking surface.

Woly Gel Pads - $13-$15

Gel pads are a great option to help relieve that burning feeling your feet can get when wearing high heels or to absorb the shock in the heel while walking. Simply place them in the desired area for instant relief. Available in heel pads and forefoot pads.

Heel Stoppers - $9

With the warmer weather that means more occasions are spent outdoors on grass. Protect your heels by wearing a heel stopper on your heels. They help prevent you from sinking into the grass and protect your heel from any scratches or staining.

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